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Learn and play. English words -vocabulary Animals



Learn and play is a type of crossword. These logical programs are important for developing the brain’s cognitive function (memory, attention, speech, thinking, etc.). We present to you one of the most interesting and logical games with more than 100 animal names. After completing the levels, train your mind for at least 10 minutes a day. This promotes the development of rapid and accurate intelligence.

You can play with children and the whole family. Through these games, children learn logical thinking. Try it, you will like it.

Final judgment

To move to the level, you must find all the level words you have entered. To do this, create a word continuously from each letter. The words are colored. This allows you to find the remaining words more easily. Remember that the first levels are easy and you don’t need to use all of the helpers. The following levels also become more difficult. Leave the helmets to them. Use any shape to find words. Sometimes it seems that you will find the right word with the letter that we do not choose. Because of this, the game gives you a word that is misspelled, and you have to choose a different word. All letters are used and the level is filled with words.


• Simple and fun game!
• For all ages!
• Delivery of dictionary resources!
• Free forever, free!
• Player’s schedule and achievements!
• Evaluate your thinking capabilities!

Play not only for fun but also for mental development. Various parts of the brain are involved