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17 Most Expensive Dog Breeds in the World


Dogs are man’s best friend. If you plan on buying a dog, try to put in a little bit of research. You will find out that there are plenty of dog breeds to choose from, but some are more expensive than others. Not just in terms of the purchase price, but also grooming and medical expenses.
In this list, we will cover the most expensive dog breeds in the world that you can buy. We’ll even include the dog’s price tag, grooming expenses, and average healthcare costs.



With a purchase price of $600, this dog might be inexpensive. However, due to their many health concerns, healthcare costs can reach up to $7,000. If taken care of, they can live up to 15 years.


The Great Dane breed is a big dog with an average price of $800. Although they are easy to groom, they have many health concerns such as cardiomyopathy. This breed has a life expectancy of 7 to 10 years. The average healthcare costs are expected to be around $7,100.


The purchase price for one of these huge 120-pound dogs is around $800. This breed has many health concerns like elbow and hip dysplasia which will cost you around $6,500.


Known for their intelligence as a sheepherder, the purchase price for one is around $800. Although they can live for up to 13 years, their healthcare costs up to$20,500. What causes their healthcare to be so expensive is treating common health conditions such as hip dysplasia and perianal fistulas.


The Chow Chow has large bodies and thick coats, making them look majestic like lions. The purchase price for one is around $900, grooming costs an average of $90, and healthcare costs can be a soaring $11,000.


The Golden Retriever, well-known to be a family dog, can cost up to $1,000. Each grooming visit may cost around $56 because of their glorious golden coats. As for their medical costs, Golden Retrievers have many known health conditions, costing you as much as $17,500.

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